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Our team aims to provide you with an appropriate answer to your real estate question in an efficient manner. An SME unit, storage space, workshop, commercial space, warehouse, office, parking lot, vacation home, apartment or studio?

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Our working method in summary

  1. Contact

By phone on 03 250 12 23 or via our contact form.

  1. Inform

You will receive comprehensive information about the property so that you are well informed.

We will arrange an on-site meeting, where we will be happy to note your specific preferences for one or more units.

Your information is carefully collected and verified.

  1. Concretize

We prepare a document for rental or sale that serves the interests of both parties.

With mutual trust, the document is signed.

Your security deposit and rent or deposit will be carefully transferred, to handle the financial aspects correctly.

  1. 3, 2, 1…

An appointment will be made for the transfer of keys.

At this key exchange, an inspection is performed and meter readings are recorded so that both parties can start in a transparent manner.

  1. Start!

Enjoy your new space!

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