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First and foremost, this is the place to learn all about real estate. Our basic real estate course is designed to give you a thorough introduction to all aspects of property management, valuation and development. Whether you are new to real estate or looking to expand your knowledge, this course provides a solid foundation for your journey in real estate.

In the basic course, we cover a wide range of topics, which you can explore through the subpages on our website. Here is an overview of the topics covered:
On each subpage you will find detailed information, practical tips and useful information.

1. Introduction to real estate

2. Property valuation

3. Purchase of real estate

4. Legal aspects of real estate

5. Property Management

6. Energy Efficiency

7. Real estate and taxes

8. Real estate market and trends

9. Real Estate Finance

10. Property development and construction process

11. Property valuation and investment analysis.

12. Real estate transactions and negotiations.

13. Real estate ethics and professional standards

What to do if tenant asks for repair or additional work?

What is the importance of a lease?

Photographing real estate

Brokers. How does that work now?

Buying versus renting: listing the pros and cons

When is a rehire fee due?

Deregistering a former tenant from the population register

Cancel a residential lease before the execution of the deed of sale?

Renting to multiple tenants: what if one leaves?

Commercial lease: what after 3 lease renewals?

Place descriptions


General knowledge

Communicating efficiently and clearly

Writing a professional letter

How do I use ChatGPT?

I’m going on vacation. What to do.

Website settings in WordPress

Create booking link and put it on website


Vacation accommodation Europarcs Limburg- Hommelweg 2 Susteren

  • €109.000
  • €0
  • Slaapkamers: 3
  • Bad: 1
  • 73
  • Vacation home, Residential

Vacation accommodation Europarcs Limburg- Hommelweg 2 Susteren

  • €315.000
  • €0
  • Slaapkamers: 6
  • Badden: 3
  • 147
  • Vacation home, Residential

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