Basics of real estate: Part 2

4. Legal aspects of real estate:

  • Property rights and restrictions: In Belgium, property rights are recorded in a title deed. It is important to understand the contents and restrictions of this deed, such as easements, right of way and other rights that may affect the use of the property.
  • Notarized deed and registration in the land register: In Belgium, the transfer of ownership of real estate must be recorded in a notarized deed. This deed must then be registered at the land registry to make the transfer of ownership official.
  • Rental agreements and rights: Rental agreements in Belgium must meet specific legal requirements. It is important to be aware of the duration, termination options, rent indexation and rights and responsibilities of both tenants and landlords.
  • Environmental permits and building regulations: When developing or remodeling property in Belgium, environmental permits and building regulations must be taken into account. These regulations include such things as building permits, city planning regulations, safety regulations and environmental standards.

5. Property management:

  • Duties and responsibilities of a property manager: In Belgium, a property manager is responsible for managing real estate properties on behalf of the owner. This includes finding tenants, collecting rent, performing repairs and maintenance, handling complaints and managing finances.
  • Maintenance and repairs: Property managers in Belgium must ensure that the property is properly maintained and that any repairs are made in a timely manner. This includes periodic inspections, coordination of maintenance work and technical troubleshooting.
  • Rent collection and accounting: In Belgium, property managers must ensure that rent is collected on time. They are also responsible for keeping accurate accounting records, including preparing leases, sending invoices, managing payments and reporting financial data.
  • Dealing with tenants and complaints: In Belgium, it is important for property managers to have good communication skills to deal effectively with tenants and resolve any complaints or disputes. They must also be aware of the rights and obligations of tenants and landlords under Belgian law.

6. Energy efficiency:

  • Energy Performance Certificate (EPC): In Belgium, it is mandatory to have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) when selling and leasing real estate. This certificate provides information about the energy efficiency of the building and possible improvements.
  • Energy-saving measures: It is important to be aware of the various energy-saving measures that can be applied in real estate, such as insulation, energy-efficient heating systems, double-glazing and use of renewable energy sources.
  • Sustainable building standards: Belgium has sustainable building standards and regulations that must be followed in new construction and renovation projects. This includes the use of sustainable materials, energy-efficient designs and water-saving systems.


Vacation accommodation Europarcs Limburg- Hommelweg 2 Susteren

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Vacation accommodation Europarcs Limburg- Hommelweg 2 Susteren

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