Monte Nero business park – Kompellaan Houthalen

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Kompellaan 2596, 3530 Houthalen, Belgium
  • SME Unit, Corporate real estate, Projects
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Monte Nero business park – Kompellaan Houthalen
Kompellaan 2596, 3530 Houthalen, Belgium
  • price on request
  • Adres Kompell Avenue 2596
  • Stad Houthalen
  • Provincie Limburg
  • Land Belgium


New construction of SME park on Genk-North industrial zone Zone 2.

At this brand new business park, 27 SME units were completed in July 2019 with floor areas ranging from 112.5sqm to 225sqm. It is possible to rent or buy several units together. The spaces are available for both sale and rental. These units are each equipped with water, electricity, internet and opened with an electrically operated gate. Each will have their own parking space, and the entire site will have a green atmosphere.

With the E314 just 4km away, the park is very easily accessible.

For more info or a visit, contact Hertsens Realty by phone 03 250 12 23 mail

Zwartberg is a district of the municipality of Genk in the Belgian province of Limburg. The place was named after the pre-existing toponym Black Mountain. The appearance of Zwartberg is heavily defined by the defunct Zwartberg Coal Mine.

Hence the naming of the project “Monte Nero”; Black Mountain.

Additional Details

  • Both for sale and for rent
  • For both entrepreneurs and individuals
  • Advertising totem with name
  • Units from 112.5m² to 225m²
  • Easily accessible
  • Storage or workshop

The Zwartberg Coal Mine was called, in full, “Société Anonyme Charbonnages des Liégeois en Campine” and was started from 1910 with Liège capital. Operation began in 1925. The mine was closed in 1966 which was accompanied by riots that left several dead.

On Monday, Jan. 31, 1966, a group of miners from the Zwartberg coal mine went to the Waterschei coal mine to call on their colleagues to join the strike against the impending closure of the Zwartberg coal mine. At the entrance to the Waterschei mine, they were met by a small group of gendarmes. This group was soon hemmed in by the strikers. When a truck carrying wood passed, the strikers forced the driver to abandon his load. When the miners began throwing wood and other objects at the gendarmes, the commanding officer ordered them to fire in the air during an initial counterattack. When the miners threatened the gendarmes a second time, the gendarmes opened fire on the strikers, killing Jan Latos and wounding dozens. Theo Van Hecke was mortally wounded and permanently paralyzed. Later that day, Valère Sclep died after being hit on the head by a tear gas grenade.

News of this tragedy went around the world and the government decided to withdraw the gendarmes and hand over law enforcement to the paratroopers. The riots lasted until management and unions reached an agreement on Feb. 3.

After the mine closure, almost all the buildings and facilities were demolished. The mound, office building and some smaller buildings remained. The mine site was transformed into the Genk-North Industrial Zone.
Source: Wikipedia

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